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Whale is a global gaming and entertainment brand. Whale provides access to sportsbook, race book and casino betting online as well as unique benefits and services to players around the world. Whale also offers a breadth of consulting and advisory services.

Whale Gaming

Whale Gaming is a members-only gaming community. Whale offers comprehensive pre-match and in-play markets across all major sporting and track events along with a full suite of popular casino, live dealer, slot and new age games.

Whale Gaming has eliminated the divide between virtual entertainment and real-world hospitality. Through our tailored membership experience, Whale as paired the ease and convenience of playing online with the enjoyment of "unique" real-world benefits, services and experiences.

Whale Lifestyle

Whale Lifestyle is an online magazine focused at entertainment and leisure. The mission is to provide content that is interesting and relevant to our membership.

Existing at the intersection of gaming and luxury, WL provides exposure and detail across a range of topics including dining, day/nightlife, travel, wellness and beauty, the arts, philanthropy, popular culture and more. The WL calendar provides readers a complete list of top sporting and social events around the globe.

Whale Advisory

Whale Advisory provides a range of B2B consulting services. Services include platform and infrastructure technology, line feed and risk management tools, brand identity and campaign work, website design and development, third-party reselling, professional services guidance, jurisdictional and license application process assistance as well as fund raise and capital advisement.

Whale Sharp

Whale Sharp offers a range of services directed at licensed bookmakers, syndicates, professional gamblers, and ultra-high-net-worth punters. Solutions include brokerage and third-party fulfilment, liquidity and ecosystem development, client and risk management, and more.

Whale US

Whale US is an iGaming company providing infrastructure, software, operations and advisory services in the US marketplace. Whale offers online casino, slot, sportsbook, and racebook expertise and solutions.


Brand Owner

US Citizen & Passport Holder - UK Resident & Visa Holder

RT Agnew is a Senior iGaming Executive with over twenty years of direct experience across Gaming, Creative and Hospitality. RT has worked in the UK/EU iGaming Industry for over nine years as Founder & CEO of WHALE. WHALE started in 2010 as an affiliate and lead generation engine, marketing to premium customers across niche finance, business and expat communities in London and Europe. Whale has grown into a global provider of online gaming services, solutions and expertise, most recently launching a US Consultancy.

Brand Manager

Ryan is a founding member of Whale and has over 20 years of professional design and creative experience. Ryan overseas brand strategy, online user experience, as well as design and front-end development. Ryan also serves as the Operating Partner of R&Co Design (New York, NY) — a boutique creative studio focused on design for web and brand identity.

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