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Whale is focused on cultivating and servicing relationships with individuals who appreciate the convenience of gaming online, coupled with highly personalized “comp”* benefits and services. The ideal Whale member has an “accredited investor” profile and is often a professional within the finance, political, entrepreneurial or professional services industries. Prospective Whale members can apply online for membership at any time. A fundamental point of distinction between Whale and its competitors is the extent to which we service and reward our clients. Whale is completely committed to satisfying the entertainment and leisure needs of our premium membership. The Whale benefits team is dedicated to providing unique and impactful rewards, benefits, and services to satisfy our members; much like a VIP host at a high end casino, who might provide dinner reservations, concert tickets, or access to sporting events.

At Whale we view the world as our casino, and Whale members are by no means limited to benefits and services provided in our host city of New York. We will offer a full suite of benefits in London, as well as unique access to benefits and services around the globe.

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