Whale Concierge

A proud point of distinction at Whale is the extent to which we are focused on delivering personalized services and generous rewards for our members. For all members, Whale offers a wide array of host and concierge services, accessible 24/7/365 from virtually anywhere in the world.

Upon joining Whale, new members are assigned a dedicated staffer and support team, on call to respond to queries and facilitate special requests.

Our host and concierge services are managed out of the New York City and London offices. As two global centers for entertainment and leisure, both cities represent ideal locations for members to immediately redeem rewards and initiate requests across a broad range of unique opportunities, benefits, and services.

While the most typical requests tend to be focused on the planning and fulfillment of exclusive travel, dining, nightlife, and personal service needs, our members are by no means limited in what they can request. If a member can dream it up, we’ll figure out how to make it happen.

Whale host and concierge professionals are here to serve, to enhance the level of enjoyment in our members lives and to open doors that might otherwise be deemed too exclusive. With deep connections in the world’s most important cities, starting with New York and London, Whale facilitates the most complicated requests with ease.

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