Whale Sharp

Whale Sharp is the high stakes wagering division of Whale Gaming, providing professional punters, betting syndicates, bookmaking operations and ultra-high net worth individuals more immediate access to the unique wagering services they require.

The incredible appetite for global sports betting, particularly in Europe and Asia has opened up dramatic arbitrage opportunities. Whale Sharp is a high stakes, ‘money up’ front wagering environment where bets are placed on American sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey as well as major international sports such as European football (soccer), tennis, golf, car racing, cricket, rugby, etc.

Whale Sharp operates with very low risk, as it most often serves as an intermediary. All transactions are ‘money up’ meaning that funds must be wired into a Whale account in advance of any wager being accepted. Credit accounts for Whale Sharp customers are extremely rare.

Whale Sharp is operated as a telebet (wagering via the telephone) operation, whereby customers call the Sharp line directly for the most current odds as well as to proposition high end wagers.

Whale Sharp also provides a myriad of consulting and advisory services within the internet gaming industry, across a number of disciplines included but not limited to: unique market to market distinctions and intricacies, industry technology, handicapping services, and relationship development, etc.

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