Whale Lifestyle

Whale Lifestyle is a web based entertainment and leisure periodical focused at high net worth individuals who frequent casinos and online gaming sites. Whale Lifestyle is the virtual intersection of gaming and luxury; much like a high-end Las Vegas casino.

The design is intentionally compact and simple from a user perspective. The site functions to provide original daily content, archived content, event details, etc as well as links to deliver online gaming and benefits/concierge services. The site also provides relevant information on a Whale membership as well as the ability to apply online. Three key content components to Whale Lifestyle that drive consumer interest and interaction on the site are The Guide, Daily Digest and the Events Calendar.

The Guide

The Guide is an extensive backlog of archived and searchable online content, containing Whale’s insights, reviews, and recommendations of many of the world’s most sought after experiences in the areas of nightlife, dining, travel, hotels, wellness, beauty, and cultural engagements worldwide. All visitors have access to Whale Lifestyle reviews, descriptions, and photos of the world’s best venues.

Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is a hallmark piece of the Whale online presence; these daily posts provide a myriad of dynamic and original content. As the title suggests, this will be published daily on the site and covers a range of fresh and relevant content across a spectrum of topics. The goal is to provide content that is interesting and relevant to pique the interest of the individuals we aim to attract. This is an impactful tool for attracting new visitors to the site as well as increasing the frequency of interaction with existing members.


The Events Calendar is a year round listing of global entertainment, culture and leisure options. Additionally Whale regularly host invitation only events for it’s membership and prospective members. Always organized with the luxury aesthetic that we espouse, these gatherings are both sophisticated and entertaining. Whale has an internal guest list of athletes, artists, actors, entertainers, and celebrities who make these functions that much more memorable. These events are often held in conjunction with major international events, such as the Olympic Games, Super Bowl, Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals, The World Cup, etc.

The Network
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